Establishment of the Institute of Japan Green LPG Promotion as a General Incorporated Association

October 20th, 2021

GYXIS CORPORATION (President and Representative Director: Fumiaki NOKURA) has decided to establish a new general incorporated association, the Institute of Japan Green LPG Promotion, together with four LPG distributors (Astomos Energy Corporation, ENEOS GLOBE Corporation, JAPAN GAS ENERGY CORPORATION, and Iwatani Corporation) to jointly promote the greening of LPG (propane and butane).

From GYXIS, President and Representative Director, Mr. Fumiaki NOKURA will assume the position of Director (Vice Chairman) of the Institute.

The main goals of this newly established Institute of Japan Green LPG Promotion are to develop new technologies to directly synthesize LPG from carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen with a yield rate of nearly 100%, and to produce LPG from dimethyl ether (DME). In the future, the Institute intends to promote the greening of all LPG demand by harnessing biomass and green hydrogen.

For more information, please refer to the press release on the official website of the Japan LPG Association*.

As a member company of the Japan LPG Association, we have been participating in the “Study Group for the Development of Green LPG Production Technology” launched by the association last fall, and through the activities of this institute, we will continue to work toward the sustainable growth of the LPG industry and the realization of a sustainable society, including the social implementation of green LPG.

* (Japanese)

Information on (General Incorporated Association) the Institute of Japan Green LPG Promotion

Name of corporation
(General Incorporated Association)
Institute of Japan Green LPG Promotion
Address 4F, Yubin Fukushi Kotohira Building, 1-14-1 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo 105-0001 (inside Japan LPG Association Office)
Established October 18, 2021
Director and Chairman
Main activities

The following projects aimed at promoting the development of carbon-neutral LPG production technology and bringing about its implementation in society.

  1. LPG greening project using bio-DME (dimethyl ether)
  2. LPG greening project using hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  3. Other projects necessary for achieving the objectives of developing manufacturing technology for the greening of LPG and its implementation in society
Member companies / organizations

[Regular members]
Astomos Energy Corporation
ENEOS GLOBE Corporation
Iwatani Corporation

[Associate members]
Japan LPG Association

Executive structure Representative Director
(President, Astomos Energy Corporation)
(Vice Chairman)
Seisuke IWAI (Representative Director President, ENEOS GLOBE Corporation)
(Vice Chairman)
Fumiaki NOKURA (President and Representative Director, GYXIS CORPORATION)
Director Hiroshi MAJIMA (President, Executive Officer; Iwatani Corporation)
Executive Directors Sakae YOSHIDA (Managing Director, Japan LPG Association)

GYXIS CORPORATION Human Resources & General Affairs Dept., TEL: +81-35484-5301