Nationwide wholesale

We have a network of about 500 distributors all over Japan, through whom we are responsible for the stable supply of LPG not only to residential users, but also to commercial and industrial users. Having established partnerships with these business associates, with whom we have been dealing for nearly two decades, we have also implemented various measures to ensure that they can deliver LPG safely and securely. These include setting safe operation standards and conducting inspections on the basis of these standards. Also, by providing ongoing training to improve the skills and expertise of our business associates, allowing them to provide users with suggestions for convenient and comfortable livelihoods, we are working to develop new clients while maintaining and expanding our regular customer base.

At our secondary terminals, LPG is loaded into tank trucks and transported to 2,100 LPG filling stations throughout Japan, where it is further transferred into LPG cylinders for delivery to households, commercial and industrial customers.
Recently, there has been an increase in “bulk supply” using tank trucks to supply LPG direct to households and commercial customers at their on-site LPG storage.

Supply chain for Japan