Management Philosophy

Promote the use of environmentally friendly LPG for the future of our planet

Provide a safe, stable supply of LPG to support social infrastructure

Establish close relationships with our stakeholders and foster a corporate culture worthy of trust

Become a global company that creates new value through energetic teamwork

Corporate Statement

At Gyxis, we are taking on new challenges and working toward continuous innovation to lead the future of energy in Japan and on the global stage.

Form a top-tier LPG network in Japan, combining the forces of Cosmo Oil, Sumitomo Corporation and Idemitsu Kosan.
Ensure safe and stable energy supply and contribute to the global community, cherishing the Japanese concept of "Kizuna”.

― that is our mission.

Company Name and Corporate Mark

The name Gyxis is a combination of the words “gas” and “Pyxis*,” expressing our unwavering focus on the future of LPG business.

Our corporate mark consists of a loop encompassing a green area, which represents the environment, on a blue oval, which represents the earth. This composition illustrates our dedication to environmentally friendly operations in all aspects of our LPG business. The loop, meanwhile, represents both alpha (α) and infinity (∞). As alpha, it conveys our resolve to derive extra value, referred to as “plus alpha” in Japanese, from the synergy of our three companies. As infinity, it symbolizes the unlimited potential for this value to expand. The bold solidity of the loop represents our firm commitment to delivering a stable supply of LPG.

The blue of the logo symbolizes integrity, reliability, and intelligence, while the green symbolizes human connections, safety, peace of mind, and youth.

* A constellation that represents a mariner’s compass, visible in the southern sky.